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I’m a fine artist who has developed a passion for the mobile digital medium. I specialise in using the iPad alongside other more traditional materials, processes and values.

In 2014, my family and I relocated from the Uk to the Riviera Maya, Mexico, where I now work as a full-time professional fine artist.

Before my big move, I was an award winning head of the arts and educational consultant in a top London Arts Specialist Academy for twelve years.

Now a successful blogger, speaker and coach, I recently launched my one-on-one online mentoring program, ‘The iPad and the Creative Process‘, aimed at aspiring amateur to professional artist who want to take their practise to the next level.

I regularly contributes to The Huffington Post (US) where I have been sharing my ideas on the creative integration of traditional fine art techniques and new technologies.

My work has been exhibited in the United States, Mexico, Berlin, London and Hong Kong.

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Why not commission your own unique artwork?

We have known Adam for over 10 years and have been admiring his art for some time. It has been great to see his ipad art really develop. This commission of Shelley is stunning. It really holds the playful yet thoughtful side – not an easy capture. This is a lovely piece of original art! We now have a framed A3 high resolution print on the wall. I am more than happy to recommend Adam.

Ian McNicol

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‘The iPad and The Creative Process’

One-on-one Coaching Program

An entire new world has open up for me; not only can I now easily work in the digital mediums, but my oil painting has improved, and I have a direction and set goals as a developing artist. I am now able to start telling my story with confidence.

John Hanekamp

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